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Listen -Sample Mixes

Have you ever been to an event where everyone left early and nobody danced?  With Desi Beatzs Entertainment, you can be sure that will not happen at your event!  We believe in only mixing live at your event, not simply hitting a play button.  You can expect smooth transitions between our songs and the seamless blending of multiple genres.  

We are not the style of DJ/MC that likes the sound of their own voice and plays their own personal favorite music selections.  In planning your event, we will discuss music preferences, the songs that absolutely need to be played, the ones that shouldn't, and any other musical queues throughout the event. We do our best to make sure the clients are happy and that their guest are having a GREAT time. We love seeing people celebrate to the music we spin.  You can expect us to use our experience at hundreds of successful events to guide you and your guests through the most fun you’ve ever had on a dance floor.

When hiring a DJ, it helps to know their style.  Below are just a few examples!

Indian Wedding
Indian Dance
Classics & Oldies Mix - Wedding Playlist
Cross-Generation R&B /Pop - Wedding Playlist
'70 '80 '90's Mix - Wedding Playlist
Matt was a ROCK STAR.  Our guests were all on the floor dancing. We could not have asked for a better night
-Suzanne and Marquel
The Millennial Mix - Wedding Playlist
Bollywood Wedding Special Mix

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